Star & Mr GS Hellas 2019

Triumph of beauty and international recognition...

The noisy national beauty contest GS HELLAS 2019, for the ninth consecutive year with a continuous run for nine consecutive years is a fact! This year contest surpassed any previous in glitter and pride ....

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Star & Mr GS Hellas 2019

9th consecutive year of the contest

A Breath of a Year, Before Closing Our First Decade as the Largest National Beauty Contest , Continuously continuing 9 YEARS OF STAR AND MR GS HELLAS NATIONAL CULTURE! With respect to the people who honored us with their presence and Greek Culture in the foreground - a constant struggle with the weapon of beauty ....

Culture and Knowledge

This year we are changing logos. The peacock, our symbol, but as of 2019, as Hera did in mythology and imprisoned the eyes of Argos the Panoptis on her peacock, we make the peacock the dress of our finalists. For men the main symbol is the uniform of the ancient Greek warriors. Columns and meanders signify our ancient Greek spirit and immortal culture that we promote as a Lighthouse!

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