Exquisite beauty of national beauties

Star & Mr GS Hellas 2017

  • date of the final

    July 21, 2017

  • Venue

    Glyfada Golf Gardens

  • Presentation

    Dessie Kouvelogiannis, George Kouvaris

  • Star GS Hellas 2017

    Christina Moumouri

  • Mr GS Hellas 2017

    George Tsotras

The Final of the largest Mixed National Beauty Contest in Greece, STAR AND MR GS HELLAS 2017, for the 7th consecutive year impressed with the overall level of the Finalists both in beauty and in knowledge.

Today’s Grand Final of the national beauties was crowned with success in the GOLF of Glyfada at night of Friday July 21, 2017, and had it all… beauty, glitter, prestige, and the main upgrading of the contest, as it fits into a great Beauty Final of Greece.

And this year, the jury was surrounded by people from the letters, the arts, the sciences, and business, shipping, health, and energy. This year there was also the unique moment, through which the title of STAR ATTICA was given, through the contest, which rights are given by the President of STAR ATTICA Kyriakos Keranopoulos, who crowned her with the beautiful Constantine Constantine-model of Thessaloniki. Many people arrived at the GOLF of Glyfada in order to watch the unique Final – the entire city council was there to support this unique Beauty Contest. 

The artistic program was curated by the record companies POWER MUSIC and SILVER PANIK RECORDS revealing the young artists who will be starring in large singing places in the winter. Ej Soti with an international repertoire and with her magic voice, created unique moments, and made the world talk about her appearance. The Greek-American performer was as brilliant as her talent in singing. Also show woman KRISTIA and talented folk singer Dimitra Matallinou perdormed and DJ Constantinos Voulgaris (DJ DOCTA) was in the decks for another year.

EJ Soti


Dj Docta

Starting with the fashion photographer Bill Patrick, Dina Stamatakou and Kostas Nikolaou who took over all the finalist photographic clicks. Leader Make up Artist was Elena Dermentzoglou with the top beauty academy IEK ALFA Glyfada. Grammatikh Kana made over the hair of the finalists with ‘Golden Hair and Nails’, while the final hairstyle was undertaken by George Kardatos.


The presenters of the evening were amazing and kept the interest of the people throughout the competition. On the one hand, the president of the contest, George Kouvaris, gave a top presentation , since he is the top performer in the country. On the other hand, Dessie Kouvelogiannis has experience and history that made her the presentation unique.

Panos Zenas took over the Women’s Finalist appearances whilst Spanidis Brothers (Support your local Dj’s-BLACK Barbers & Beards)the men’s one more year and JOHN FRANK and MASKOT swimsuits gave us the swimwears. “SOUND COVER” took over the sound and lighting of the glittering night, while “MOUSAMAS EXPRESS” and “IMAGE JBW” took over the digital prints.

It should be noted that Greece’s sole representater for Swarovski, Lilian Papoutsoglou, offered after the crowning of STAR GS HELLAS 2017 a 3000 euro jewelry set, while Ms Elena Perdikakis designed a specially designed bridal, fully embroidered wedding dress stones, worth 9000 euros. Finally, the world-renowned sculptor Eksikias Trivoulidis will produce the full STAR – MISS-MISS YOUNG GS HELLAS 2017 statues, which will be auctioned at a major event in December where proceeds will be donated to the Glyfada Women’s Association about Breast Cancer.




  • Star G.S. Hellas 2017: Christina Moumouri
  • 2nd Star G.S. Hellas 2017: Irene Ligkori
  • Miss G.S. Hellas 2017: Marina Dimitropoulou
  • 2nd Miss G.S. Hellas 2017: Nelly Railan
  • Miss Young G.S. Hellas 2017: Aggeliki Papamikrouli
  • 2nd Miss Young G.S. Hellas 2017: Georgia Smpiliri
  • Miss Photomodel G.S. Hellas 2017: Mary Giannou
  • Miss Model of the year GS Hellas 2017: Georgia Rogakou
  • Σταρ Αττικής 2017: Antigone Gkora


  • Mr. G.S. Hellas 2017: George Tsotras
  • 2nd Mr. G.S. Hellas 2017: Kostas Poulakidas
  • Mr. Model of the year GS Hellas 2017: Giannis Ekmetzoglou
  • Mr. Young G.S. Hellas 2017: George Stavropoulos Kodras
  • 2nd Mr. Young G.S. Hellas 2017: Panagiotis Tamamidis
  • Mr. Photomodel G.S. Hellas 2017: Bill Kapsokolis