The evolution of star & Mr Gs Hellas winners

International Awards


Αndrew Botaitis

Αndrew Botaitis, Mr GS Hellas 2019, participated in the Mr Universal Ambassador 2019 world beauty contest, which was placed in Tokio of Japan. He tooked the title ‘1st runner up Greece’ and he was the second most beautiful man of the world. His traditional costume stood out. The second most handsome man in the world is Greek.

The Miss Globe

Irene Ligkori

Irene Ligori, 2nd Star GS Hellas, participated as Miss Globe Greece 2019 in the Miss Globe 2019 world beauty contest, held in Montenegro. She managed to rank sixth (6th) among 55 countries around the world. In the questions phase, she was asked the following question: If you had the opportunity what would you do to protect the planet? And her answer: “First of all it’s very important to protect the planet, because we live on it. I would start by campaigning to let people know how important recycling is.

Congratulations Irene!

Miss Tourism Universe – TV Fashion World

Christina Moumouri

In 2017, at the World Beauty Contest, MISS TOURISM UNIVERSE 2017, held in Lebanon, Star GS Hellas 2017, Christina Moumouri, took the title of ‘BEST BODY TOURISM UNIVERSE’ and ranked 5th out of 90 Countries. In the same year, she was honored in the Romanian palace by Fashion TV World as the best model of the year among 160 models from other countries and was named ‘MISS CATWALK’.

Miss Europe World 2016

Athena Chrysantova

The 2016 crown under the title “Miss PhotoGirl GS Hellas 2016” Athena Chrysantova won her participation in the March 2017 Miss World Competition in Lebanon, making it to the Final 14!

Mr Universal Ambassador 2016

Spyros Papakonstantinou

Spyros Papakonstantinou, Mr GS Hellas 2015, represented Greece at the 2016 MR Universal Ambassador World Beauty Contest, having managed to enter the top 10 most beautiful men in the competition. While he has plenty of photos and fashion shows to his credit.

Miss European Tourism – World Bikini Model

Konstantina Koromila

In 2015, Star G.S. Hellas 2015 Konstantina Koromila, participated in the double Miss World Tourism – World Bikini Model Competition in Malta. She won the title of 4th Miss Tourism Popularity 2015.

Fashion Show in New York

Brenda Iacounina

In 2015, a global award at a fashion show at New York Fashion Week, won the 2nd Star G.S. Hellas 2015, Brenda Iacounina.

Miss World Peace Pageant 2014-2015

Athanasia Kofinioti

In 2014, at the Miss World Peace Pageant 2014-2015 world competition, where Star G.S. Hellas 2014, Athanasia Kofiniotii, distinguished 3rd ambassador of peace among 90 countries.

Queen Tourism International

Penelope Stamatakou

In 2011, Star G.S. Hellas 2011 Penelope Stamatakou, participated in the Queen Tourism International World Contest. , where she finished 6th.