Star & Mr GS Hellas

The largest Mixed National Beauty Contest since 2011

About Star & Mr GS Hellas;

‘Star & Mister GS Hellas’ is a national beauty contest started in 2011 named ” Grande Secreto Fashion ” and belongs to the media group GRANDE SECRETO MEDIA GROUP, continuing for 10 consecutive years. GS HELLAS is internationally recognized by several world beauty contests, as the National Beauty Contest for Greece. GS HELLAS represents the country in most of the world’s top beauty contests. It owns the rights to: MISS EARTH, MISS GLOBE, MISS CONTINENTS, MISS PLANET INTERNATIONAL, MISS TOURISM UNIVERSE, MISS MODEL OF THE UNIVERSE, MR UNIVERSAL AMBASSADOR, MR MODEL OF THE UNIVERSE and MR GLOBE.

Star & Mister GS Hellas” is the largest mixed national beauty contest (NATIONAL CULTURE) and with the innovative idea of the category of candidate models (ie individuals who have the proportions of a catwalk model without their respective catwalks) they are given the opportunity to emerge. Models that have emerged through Star & Mister GS Hellas have adorned the editorials of many well-known fashion magazines in Greece and the domestic lifestyle. Also many models from our contest cooperated with large Greek companies as campaign faces. In addition, all of our models have been interviewed in newspapers, magazines and sites.

Below you can some of the winners of Star and Mr GS Hellas, starting from 2011 until today!

  • In 2011, Star G.S. Hellas 2011, Penelope Stamatakou participated in the Queen Tourism International World Competition, where she placed 6th among 80 countries.
  • In 2014,Star G.S. Hellas 2014, Athanasia Kofinioti, participated in in the Miss World Peace Pageant 2014-2015 world competition where she placed 3rd ambassador of peace among 90 countries.
  • In 2015, Star G.S. Hellas 2015, Konstantina Koromila, participated in the double contest ‘Miss World Tourism – World Bikini Model competition’ in Malta and she placed 4th Miss Tourism Popularity 2015.
  • In 2015, 2nd Star G.S. Hellas 2015, Brenda Iacounina won a global award at the fashion show in New York Fashion Week.
  • MR GS HELLAS 2011,Constantine Mpoutros worked with many designers in Greece and Milan.
  • MR GS HELLAS 2014, Rodrigo Cruise Santos worked in numerous jobs in Greece, and after his crowning he cooperated with a large modeling agency in London.
  • In 2016, MR GS HELLAS 2015,Spyros Papakonstantinou, represented Greece to “MR Universal Ambassador” beauty contest and placed at the top 10 most beautiful men in the competition. Furthermore, he has plenty of photos and fashion shows to his credit.
  • In 2016, Athina Chrysantova (Chrysantidou), MISS PHOTOGIRL GS HELLAS 2016, participated in the MISS EUROPE WORLD beauty contest and managed to qualify for the Final 14.
  • In 2017, STAR GS HELLAS 2017, Christina Moumouri, won 2 international titles in the same year. She participated in MISS TOURISM UNIVERSE beauty contest in Lebanon and placed fifth in the world with the title BEST BODY TOURISM UNIVERSE. A few months later, she participated in the biggest international TV competition FASHION TV WORLD and she placed first among 160 models in the Palace of Romania. She came back to Greece with the title MISS CATWALK FASHION TV WORLD.
  • In 2019, 2nd STAR GS HELLAS, Irini ligori represented Greece to the MISS GLOBE beauty Contest in Montenegro and placed 6th over 55 countries from all over the world.
About the president of the contest

George Kouvaris studied physics, he specialized in astrophysics and media. He worked as a teacher with high school and university students. He also was a communication advisor for many Greek politicians and artists.

He worked on tv as a chief editor and radio producer. He was writing for several newspapers as a journalist. Today, he is a chief advisor of printed Grande magazine and publisher of the site He also owns the site and his main work is communication strategy of individuals and companies. He organizes and manages major events which have an innovative style.

He studies Ancient Greek philosophy and likes to delve deeper into human psychology and kinesiology. He believes that all his life is an energy cycle. The “moto” of life that defines him is: “We do not follow things, but create our own.” He is going to publish his book: Physics – Philosophy – Everyday Life.

George Kouvaris comes from Mani, one of the most historic places of Greece. He believes that he has as his symbol the mountain Taygetos , which was the birthplace of god Apollo (expressor of universal knowledge – light – flash). George Kouvaris owns this Light in his DNA an he wants to share it with all Greeks in order to promote CULTURE.

The first President of the Hellenic Cultures and of course I refer to the STAR GREECE, George Prevelakis, a man I admired as a VARAMAS mind, once stated: “Every girl who participates in the Cultures at the Night of the End is a night. happen to rotate or burn completely “.We at present do not want satellites, because the satellite is dependent and moving on another planet, we want self-made individuals and charisma in both beauty and spirit – we want Ambassadors who have the divine charisma of beauty to leverage one torque as strong as HELLENIC CULTURE

TORQUE = POWER ON DISTANCE (in physics). In this regard, we are talking about the POWER OF BEAUTY that can go as far as achieving MAXIMUM torque.


Our Team

George Kouvaris


George Dimitrakos

Vice President

Kalliopi Kouvari

General Management

Stratos Pafliotellis

Executive Supervisor – Journalist

Stavros Daskalopoulos

Contest Advisor – External and World Beauty Contest Manager

Eliza – Sofia Mpitsia

Social Media Management – Journalist

Spiros Tsoutsanis

Contest Trainer – Personal Trainer – Sport Model

Giannis Ferentinos

Fashion Editor

Vaggelis Valeontis


Elena Dermetzoglou

Head Makup Artist

Stelios Kalogeras

Production Manager

Stavros Tsiagklis

Contest Doctor – Specialist Pathologist – Diabetologist

Kostis Nikolaou

Cinematographer – Photographer

Stefania Petsa


Giannis Andreou

Contest Advisor – Marketing – Information Systems

Mpampis Papafilippakis

Press Office

Charis Tzioti

Makeup Artist

Despoina Papaioannou

Makeup Artist

Giorgos Samaritis

Art Director

Sofia Arapogianni

Contest Ambassador – Miss Universe Greece 2021

Katerina Psychou

Contest Ambassador – Miss Earth Greece 2021

Christina Moumouri

Star GS Hellas 2017 – Contest Ambassador – Kinesiology – Catwalk finalist

Athanasia Kofinioti

Contest Ambassador – Star GS Hellas 2014