Triumph of beauty and international recognition

Star & Mr GS Hellas 2019

  • date of the final

    July 26 2019

  • Venue

    Club Anais – Varympompi

  • Presentation

    Nikoletta Karra, Giorgos Kouvaris and in the decks Maggie Charalambidou

  • Star GS Hellas 2019

    Niki Alexandridou

  • Mr GS Hellas 2019

    Andreas Mpotaitis

The noisy national beauty contest Star & Mr GS HELLAS 2019, for the ninth consecutive year with a continuous run for nine consecutive years is a fact!

This year the contest surpassed any previous in glitter and pride …. More spectacular than ever, it had it all and had nothing to envy in any other national beauty contest in the world. The glittering Final took place at the Ariadne-Anais club in Varybomby and left even his most skeptical judges unmoved!

A production that has appeared in Greek territory for at least fifteen years, everything was highly professional, from the scenery depicted on one side by Maria Callas and on the other by Aphrodite of Milos, to the stage lights. and the sound that gave a magnificent effect.
Everyone is talking about a Greek Beauty Triumph, as the level of both women and men was unexpectedly high. Girls and boys who were distinguished from all over Greece for the Grand Final, deservedly stood at the STAGE of the Star & Mr GS HELLAS 2019 National Contest, which is a testament to the finalists’ own photos.

This year was dedicated to Maria Callas, the timeless Fashion Icon, and inspired 6 Fashion Designers to design clothes, swimwear, jewelry and handbags specifically and exclusively for the contest. Dimitris Strepkos and Martha Adamidou designed the finalists’ swimsuits respectively, the first for men and the second for women. Erotokritos and Haris Tsiaras designed the men’s costumes first and the latter curated the girls’ evening appearances. Finally, designer Lina Toukpetsi and Victoria Kefala designed the maria kallas jewelry and handbags.

In the heart of Summer, people flooded the Ariadne estate and no one seemed to be blown away, as everyone wanted to secure the coveted place for the spectacular Final.

EJ Soti

Nikoletta Karra

The artistic program held the extraordinary vocal abilities, and glorious EJ SOTI. Hosting dj of the evening was Thanos Stagias.


The evening was presented by the endless Giorgos Kouvaris, President of the contest, along with the star actress Nikoletta Karra. With them, Maggie Charalambidou, in an active commentary role, gave her own pulse, in addition to the music that accompanied the finalists’ appearances.

Since this year, the Star & Mr GS HELLAS 2019 has set its sights on bringing Greece back to the forefront of international developments related to global beauty. So she invested and secured the possession of four of the world’s top international beauty contests in the world and these are: for women: MISS EARTH, MISS GLOBE AND MISS CONTINENTS and for men MR UNIVERSAL AMBASSADOR. Not all that came…. managed to do something that would seem utopian in other years, bringing in 3 international judges from Colombia, Miss World 2017, Laura Gonzalez, America’s Gaspard Cruz, owner of MISS CONTINENTS, and Fernando Gandhi from Indonesia owner of  MR UNIVERSAL AMBASSADOR. But among them, the jury was surrounded by thirty names from all fields, arts, letters and sciences, such as Maria Aliferi, Eleni Filini, Giorgos Daskoulidis, Panagiotis Botsivalis, Maria Vlachou, Aphrodite Skodiatis. Stavros Tsiaglis, Tasos Anastasiou, Christina Moumouri, Yiota Gourdomichali, Irene Ligori, Andreas Vougioukas, Alexandros Petrides.
Among the tables were several other names, from television and theaters, such as Spyros Bibilas, Lazaros Golias, Galena Velikova, Dimitris Giotis, Persons of Power of love and survivor, Lila Nova, Thodoris Rakitsis with Elena Sotiropoulou, Sofia Pavlidou and many others…..

The flower decoration of the evening was covered by Stefanos Vagenas, the well-structured Fashion Team for the finalists, Dimitra Carabella Hair and leader make up artist Elena Dermentzoglou, along with Despina Papaioannou, and Haris Tariou and also IEK ALFA.

Fashion editor Yiannis Ferentinos made sure that everything was under control….

Whereas sculptor Eclipse Trivoulidis designed and created the pendant with HerAthina, a symbol of the National contest.

Kyriakos Keranopoulos, president of STAR ATTICA, gave his title for the third consecutive year through the National contest.

  • President and vice-president of Star & Mr GS Hellas

  • Niki Alexandridou & Andreas Botaitis – STAR & MR GS HELLAS 2019

  • Fernando Gandhi – Gaspar Cruz

  • Christina Moumouri – Star GS Hellas 2018

  • Maria Aliferi – Stratos Pafliotellis

  • Erotokritos Kimionis – Anna Toupektsi – Dimitris Strepkos

  • Irene Ligori – Fernando Gandhi – Aggeliki Papamikrouli

  • Nikoletta Karra – Giorgos Kouvaris – Maggie Charalampidou

  • Alexandros Petridis – Martha Adamidou

  • Power of Love players Pavlos Papadopoulos, Zenia Soldatou & Vasilis Chalkias

  • Afroditi Skafida – Panagiotis Mpotsivalis

  • Maria Vlachou – Giorgos Daskoulidis

  • Andreas Vougioukas – Laura Gonzalez

Another highlight of the evening was the award of Kyriakos Keranopoulos for his presence in the beauty industry for 35 years and of course for his story on the Greek Show Biz, as well as the author Yiota Gourdomichali for her contribution in the field of letters.

The titles given are:


  • Star G.S. Hellas 2019: Niki Alexandridou
  • Aphrodite of Milos 2019: Andrianna Kagia
  • Miss G.S. Hellas 2019: Elpida Pazarakou
  • Miss Young G.S. Hellas 2019: Anastasia Koutea
  • Model of the Year GS Hellas 2019: Chara Kalamara
  • Miss Body GS Hellas 2019: Maria Photou
  • 2nd Star GS Hellas 2019: Ingrid Collani
  • 2nd Miss G.S. Hellas 2019: Olga Malandraki
  • 2nd Miss Young G.S. Hellas 2019: Sofia – Elize Bitsia
  • Beauty Ambassador GS Hellas 2019: Georgia Eleni Lamprou / Maria Vlassopoulou
  • Star Attica 2019: Tiotia Grazina Vana
  • Miss Photogirl G.S. Hellas 2019: Bogdana Nesterjuk
  • Miss Photomodel GS Hellas 2019: Christina Chasani
  • 2nd Miss Photomodel GS Hellas 2019: Vana Rompakou


  • Mr. G.S. Hellas 2019: Andreas Botaitis
  • Mr. Young G.S. Hellas 2019: Fotis Metas
  • 2nd Mr. G.S. Hellas 2019: Alkis Ladas
  • 2nd Mr. Young G.S. Hellas 2019: Vasilis Christakos
  • Model of the year GS Hellas 2019: Giorgos Glezos
  • Handsome Ambassador GS Hellas 2019: Dimitris Bounias
  • Mr Photomodel GS Hellas 2019: Dimitris Papathanasiou
  • 2nd Mr Photomodel GS Hellas 2019: Ivan Didov
  • Mr. Body G.S. Hellas 2019: Vasilis Katsarinis
  • Mr. Photobody G.S. Hellas 2019: Giorgos Chatziandreou