Star & Mr GS Hellas have a new moto

Star and Mr GS Hellas have a new moto: <<Our Goal and our Vision is to promote our cultural heritage through the Greek Beauty>>.

The word Goal embraces the very deep Greek roots itself and it means walking – climbing. On the other hand, the word Vision is a form that takes place in the consciousness, which is not derived from the senses, but from the imagination, as an extension of the experiential experience. The form of vision is not limited to a single ‘feeling’ (such as vision) and may also include spiritual qualities such as emotions. The vision is the “compass”, the “light” one reaches to reach its destination. It is the source of inspiration for the right choices or new rules. This is how we set new rules in our beauty contest and our Vision continues with a Goal that is the only way to climb to the TOP and for us Greeks our very own is our Culture – Lighthouse and Light for the whole world.

President of  Star & Mr GS Hellas

George Kouvaris