Culture for us who embrace beauty

The word Culture is certainly heavy and encompasses a lot of energy within it – capable of creating whirlpools and awakening our higher selves.

If we invoke and combine a Greek intellectual such as Adamantios Korais and a French historian, Febvre, we will come to very strong conclusions, placing our own indelible strain of philosophy.

Adamantios Korais identified the concept of Culture with the highest products of a community, products related to high Art, philosophy and sciences. The French historian Febvre attributed the notion of Culture to the virtue of discretion, honesty and courtesy. As we observe, the concept of the word Culture is multidimensional and adapted to the history of the human race. For us and always respecting the views of particular minds that have left their mark on world history: Culture is the need for man to express and create something higher than his own biological substance, in the light of discretion, sincerity, kindness and the highest honor.

It is this need that has led us to a Vision in conjunction with BEAUTY and created the Beauty of Today – nationally – STAR KAI MR GS HELLAS – and it has become the goal of being the ultimate national cultural event that celebrates Beauty.

The President of the national beauty contest Star & Mr GS Hellas

Georgios Kouvaris