Beauty is a work of art and no proof is needed

Since we talk about beauty contests in national level we only refer to Star an Mr GS Hellas.

To us women and as a result her beauty constitutes a piece of art. Lets analyze it etymologically in combination with physics and philology.

In science the word WORK means ENERGY-on the other hand the word ART means is produced from the verb whelp which means give birth. Woman is the miracle of Nature as an entity, since she herself as a physical being – literally gives BIRTH. Inductively thinking the woman needs the sheer energy of nature to become a mom – to give birth – which means she is work of art by its definition.Beauty: Beauty is a divine gift that emerges from the depths of the soul and is embodied as a canvas in its form, that is, when the energy of the soul is good-form = BEAUTIFUL. The artists focused on beauty and art and Beauty have been praised for centuries as a piece of art.

Taking he baton as contemporaries of the Gods of Olympus  put Beauty and Woman in the foreground, without divinizing it, but bringing it up and promoting it into CULTURE!

We prefer Art to the techniques that are the main weapon of somebody to degenerate this Miracle of Nature for specific purposes, and we become the advocates of Beauty as a constituted energy of many ideals and values – We want the WOMAN genuine and not fake to follow – aim at discounting her – we WANT her high as a ART WORK!

To women…

George Kouvaris